Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tunes For Bears To Dance To (Unreleased)

Recently, around 500,000 music files (out of estimated 50 million(!!)) were recovered from Myspace spanning 2008-20010. You can find all the info and the webplayer here. In short, it's not as great as I was hoping, can't find much on there and the searching function is pretty shitty. 

I just as a test searched up Tunes for Bears to Dance to and came across this random track I've never heard before. It simultaneously sounds like them, but not at all. More Capsule or something. Not a very good song. It could totally be a mislabeled track, so comment below if you know anything about it.

And, if you haven't heard this unreleased track uploaded by theangryemonerd, check it out. Much more legit and a decent song.

Roads to Shiloh

Found this on Facebook a few months ago, pre Van Johnson. Must have been active late 90s/very early 00s and from somewhere in Ontario (assuming Ottawa like Van Johnson.)

Their demo is definitely the highlight, the EP is a bit heavier on the metalcore - still pretty good though.


Robust Android

I was hunting down a long lost Canadian band Tonnn late last year and came across a user on Soulseek who had some stuff by them to share. They gave me some info about seeing Tonnn, and I just randomly asked them if they had anything else interesting to share. Turned out they played in this band during the late 2000s. Totally random but pretty awesome find. Thanks to said person for sharing.

Very melodic, with kind of a wailing vocalist. It's pretty interesting. Check it out.

The vocalist played in a later band called Captain Space, it's a bit on the more experimental side, still quite good though.

(Definitely a lot more to be said about both these bands, just haven't had a ton of time to gather that)

Friday, March 20, 2020

Ghost Stories

From Ontario, Canada. Early active-mid 2000s kinda sassier band that was a super popular style in Canada at this time (and not like today's sass). I'm writing this on my phone so I'll see if I can up more later.

The below release was sent to me by someone who miraculously lives in the same province as me. Major appreciation to him.

Ghost Stories