Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Council of Five Nations

"Council of Five Nations is not about making any political change. It is not about money, popularity or any other disease such as those. It is about your every-day life. It is about what pisses you off, what makes you happy, and most importantly what makes you sad. Every member of Council of Five Nations has some personal or political problem with life and this is our way of letting it all out. If you can relate to that then I need not write another word, but if you cant relate then you are farther from this world than you believe you are." - Chris Swirski
There's a Discohijack post for this band (thanks to them for the 4 way split), but I seem to have found some extra stuff. Looks to be active 1994-1996, and from Connecticut. This band is actually really good. I honestly enjoy all their songs, they're all quite good. I'm guessing this is their discography, I haven't seen anything else.

The four-way split between In Vain, Council of Five Nations, Know Nothing, and Thinner is pretty sweet. All bands share members are from Connecticut it seems, good stuff from all them to be honest. The split with In Vain is pretty iconic and seems to be their most popular song (it's at least on youtube.) The unreleased material has the track off the split with In Vain, plus some other great stuff.

Really just all of it has amazing instrumentals and interesting vocals. It's very 90s emo, but quite interesting in comparison to a lot of the generic emo being produced in the mid 90s. So much cool stuff I've been finding to post here recently. Go listen!

...On Death and Dying (1994)

In Vain & Council of Five Nations - Split EP (1995)

In Vain & Council Of Five Nations & Know Nothing & Thinner 7'' (1995)

Unreleased (199x)

Saved From Failure

Sunday June 26, 2005

Voila, it's brand new, the French from Saved From Failure have decided to split up. The drummer of the group decided to leave the group for lack of time. Saved From Failure stays in our hearts and they come back to us with EVA 01, an emo screamo in another vein, with a song this time in French (their numerous meetings in recent times, have greatly changed their style ...). Note that the line-up does not change masses. Indeed, Seb, former SFF guitarist, appropriates the drums.

That little tidbit was about the most I could track down from them. I do know EVA-01, and I'll assume that this band is from Lille, France as well? Why does the first song above's intro kind of remind me of Cap'n Jazz? The rest of this band has a bit of a post-hardcoreish sound to them, but still pretty emo/screamo of the early 2000s type. I think the picture in my first video dates them quite well. It's not bad, check it out.

Saved From Failure EP


Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Nationale was a 4 piece hardcore/screamo band whose lineup included Matt Reilly (drums, formerly of Five Stars For Failure and Fighter Hayabusa and currently a member of King Slender) , Daniel Shroyer (bass, formerly of Peregrine and currently a member of Savagist), Carrie Jones (vocals), and Zack Thrower (guitar, went on to play drums in Pale Prophet). The original bass player (who played on the demo) was Jake Duvall, previously the vocalist of Life Is A Fight.
In total, they released a four song demo (2008) and a tour ep called "Living Season" (2009). There was also a self-released cassette made over the summer of 2009 that had two songs recorded live at the bands practice space.
In the summer of 2009 the band initially split up as Carrie moved to New York City for almost a year. After she returned to Georgia, there were four final songs recorded during a short lived reunion over the summer of 2010 that were never finished or mixed. The band broke up shortly thereafter when Matt left Athens and moved back to his hometown of Philadelphia.
There is another band named Nationale from Los Angeles who was an atmospheric rock band that mixed a number of tracks known as the Soundisidore Sessions (2006) and an EP called "Lost Hills" (2007). Fans of bands like Slowdive may enjoy the Soundisidore Sessions, though newer tracks took the band in a different stylistic direction. Jonathan Sheley of Nationale has started a new project, Youth Symphony.
Really great female vocals, impressive instrumentals, this is honestly pretty awesome. I don't know why I've never heard of them before. Looks like I have all they've released. It's all quite good, but I think the unreleased 2010 demo is the best. I've attached two songs that I like from that above.


Living Season

Demo 2010

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Hot Nights, Cool Dragons!

Kinda garbage "kittencore" style music that has zero information on the internet about them, absolutely nothing to my knowledge. It has to be mid 2000s based on when I downloaded it, and is likely American. Okay maybe it's not as awful as some stuff out there. Check it if you're into this type of thing.

Hot Nights, Cool Dragons!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Twelve Blades

Houston Texas, active mid 90s. Only one officially released song on the There is a Light compilation with some of the other emo greats of the time. I have a collection of some of their other recorded songs, and a live set recording. I found their old website you can check out, also here is an article of the guitarist (Lauren Larson) who plays in a band called Ume. Their songs are pretty varied going from powerviolence to black metal to crust. I attached the one "emoish" song.


Fonde Community Center in Houston (Texas) (1st feb 1997)

Van Closel

This band has one popular song on The Emo Armeggedon compilation. I have a whole bunch of rough tracks by them which I don't think are that easily found. The compilation track is quite good, but the rest is really rough. I have no information on this band, and googling them gives me nothing, sorry about that.

Van Closel - Various

The Anasazi

I swear I made a post on this band before, no idea on that though. I recently bought their split with Waifle which I don't think The Anasazi track is that easy to find, so I uploaded it. I guess here's the rest as well.
The Anasazi were a short-lived, chaotic hardcore outfit in the vein of makara and other ultra lo-fi monsters. Featuring members of Yaphet Kotto and Mohinder.
"calculating components and compound formulas for mass population reconstruction…"
Troubleman Unlimited
"this is a party as much as it is a funeral"
Split 5" with Waifle
Pensive Records
I haven't listened to the CD in a long time, but going through it now it's really sick. Jenny Piccolo/Makara/Mohinder vibes for sure.

Calculating Components And Compound Formulas For Mass Population Reconstruction ... ... A.K.A. Measurement & Control

The Idea Men

This is an extremely obscure band I downloaded back in the late 2000s. I never really realized how good they were until recently while finding stuff to post on this blog. They were from Baltimore, and active around 96. This is pure mid 90s emo of the discohijack type. They only had one official release which is their ST 12inch, and I have a whole bunch of seemingly unreleased stuff, that I'm not sure even exists on the internet anymore. The 12inch and The Final Gathering are both great. The final gathering song I uploaded above has some great 90s twinkle action going on. Recommended!

ST 12inch

The Final Gathering

Towards Brighter Tomorrows