Wednesday, October 4, 2017


HumanBodyFlawed (sometimes stylized as .humanbodyflawed.) was a short-lived punk band that formed in the summer of 1997, playing a total of only 6 live shows before announcing their break up in 2000. Their time as a band was plagued with problems, from members getting arrested to the death of one member as a result of a drug overdose. They issued only a demo CD-R and a split 7", and contributed a track to a compilation.
Members have been involved with other bands since their disbandment, such as Pg.99.

There's all your info you'd need. Kind of has this crushing wall of sound with angsty screaming vibe to it. I only have the split songs and the compilation song, really wish I had the demo. I'm actually enjoying the sound of this a fair bit, the compilation song is just really, really heavy. Recommend. Not sure the specific connection to Pg.99. Check out their archived website as well here.

janmichaelvincentcarcrash split + Relics of an Ordinary Life song


The demo has been found, download it here.