Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Flames!! Over Broadway

From Pennsville, NJ, active mid 2000's. They play a kind of a myspace technical metal type sound with shrieky vocals, almost burgeoning on post-hardcore. I'm thinking kind of like a mix between Textbook Traitors and Fear Before the March of Flames. Appropriate to post on this blog though. I don't have much else on them, or whether there's any other releases. Check it if that description sounds appealing to you, it's actually not bad taking a listen through it.

you've made this so surreal, thank you


Hovel was a emo/grind band from Goldsboro, North Carolina. Hovel was started in 1997 by original members Nick Wietzel, Matt Kornegay and Matt Curl. The early songs were influenced by Rorschach, Fleas and Lice and Spazz. After Nick left Hovel, Sean Edmunson and Daris King (ifitdoesntkillyou) joined. The later sound was influenced by Ulcer, Reversal of Man, Frail, Fingerprint and Jonah. Hovel played around 50 shows and disbanded in 1999 after playing a final show with Spirit of Versailles, The Swarm, Combat Wounded Veteran, Providence Union and Reversal Of Man. They released a 7 song Demo and a 3 Song Ep from their last recording session.

 I looked forever for the 7 song demo. It does not appear to happening, so here's the EP. Hovel is quite good. I featured ifitdoesn'tkillyou a long time ago, which has a connection to this band. In terms of sound, I actually do hear the grind influence on two of the tracks here. Otherwise it sounds kind of more like 2000's emo type stuff. I'm amazed at that final show, it's just insane how great the late 90's would have been for living in the US. Check it out for sure.

Hovel 3 Song EP

Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Last Language

I think this will be my first blog post rather than lazily copied over text and vague descriptions of bands. I'm not a writer or a very good blogger so apologies on that. As you probably know this blog is focused on 2000's North American emo (screamo/skram/whatever you want to call it). The focus is obviously on the US as that is where a huge part of the 2000's scene was occurring (can't forget Canada's influence in the 90's with bands like Union of Uranus or One Eyed God Prophecy though.)

I actually managed to accumulate a fair bit of 2000's Canadian emo on here though, which a lot was surprising to me. Some very obscure. A lot of people probably aren't that familiar with Canada and it's geography so we're going to have a little history/geography lesson for early-mid 2000's emo. (For people from these provinces that were part of these scenes, my apologies if I miss a ton of shit, I'm just going off my collected knowledge.)

If you look at this map, a huge amount of the population of Canada lives in Ontario, subsequently, the majority of emo bands came from this province. Most of the Canadian bands on this blog are from either Toronto greater area. It's a pretty large area spanning many smaller areas. So many 90's and 00's bands came from here. (Abridged Pause)

Quebec the French province produced some decent bands in the 2000s, and I imagine a lot has been lost, I have a few here on my blog. Please check out Lost Kidz is all I have to say.

Nova Scotia gave us some greats, Van Johnson, North of America, I don't have much obscure stuff from this area. The rest of the Maritimes (the ocean facing provinces near Nova Scotia gave very little to my knowledge - maybe check out Beaumont Hamel for something from Newfoundland which is a pretty oddball province to produce Emo) P.E.I. gave us one band which I forgot the name of so apologies for that.

Moving west it's basically barren city in terms of emo bands. To my knowledge, I had never heard of any emo bands from Manitoba during this time. Saskatchewan I'm aware of like one band You Tel Aviv. Alberta gave us The Corta Vita. These three provinces are the "prairie provinces" and really it just wasn't a good time for emo here. Times have changed though, especially in Alberta. I'm not the one to tell you about that though.

BC gave us some fun stuff like After School Knife Fight, Red Light Sting, Our Last Days as Children, early Hot Hot Heat maybe? There's lots more I'm forgetting. The proximity to Washington and being a coastal province gave it some pretty good stuff.

The territories and Nunavut produced nothing to my knowledge, they are very isolated and remote. I'd be interested to hear if there was anything that came from these areas but I strongly doubt it.

Anyway, to the point of this post. I found a band from Winnipeg Manitoba, which to me is a really special find. To make things greater, this band sounds to me kind of like a Canadian spin on Anomie. And I'm not just saying that because it's a female fronted band, I'm just hearing a bit of the sound, especially the bass.

I found this Winnipeg scene report dated 2002, and it's an interesting read. Mentions The Last Language and some tid bits about them. I don't know if you've heard this "legendary" story of The Vida Blue/Ten Grand being stopped at the Canadian border, well I think someone in this band was involved with that. Pretty interesting.

Last but not least, I contacted someone from this band and learned that there is a demo CD, I strongly doubt it exists on the internet, and the person never returned my emails for further interviewing/tracking down that CD, but maybe one day. Anyway, here's your link to the one song that we have. Definitely listen. They were active 2001-2002 it seems.

(and don't judge my silly geography lesson too hard)

The Last Language - Pulse Regions