Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Ladderback

The Ladderback was born in a garage in Rocky Mount, N.C. in 1996. After recording a demo and playing tons of shows in the area, they moved to Raleigh to practice and work on recording their first full length album. Once the first record, "Honest, I Swear, It Was the Turnstyles", was recorded and released they parted ways with founder/guitarist "B". "J","D", and "C" soon got to work on writing and recording the second record, "Introduction to Departures". Soon sfter the writing and recording for that record was done "C" left the band to pursue other life endeavors. "J" and "D" were left to figure out the future of the band. They decided to continue on. They found a local drummer, "J", who is now known as Lucian Thorr from the mighty Valient Thorr. Once he was trained in the ways of the Ladderback they began writing a third record and went on thier first major tour. Once the tour was over and the songs for "Trigger Themes" were almost complete they got "B" to rejoin. Once he was back the songs quickly took shape and the record became the masterpiece it is. He quit the band soon after it's recording. After that, the boys took the show to Japan where they were welcomed as heroes. Women bowed before them. Men cried and asked for forgiveness for even thinking of gazing into their eyes. They conquered that island…but love conquers all. "J" met a wonderful woman while on tour there and they soon married and moved into an awesome apartment in Kyoto. The LB was no more. But we have there records…and those lucky enough to see them and party with them have their stories.
I found out about this band from finding their split with Marion. I'm not sure why I've never heard of them as they seem to be fairly prolific. There's a bandcamp which has most of their releases. I'm making this post to share some of their splits which also show some other obscure bands.

The Ladderback/Legend of the Overfiend Split 7" 1999

Okay so, just right out of the way The Ladderback are pretty over the top on this record. Just super angsty late 90's emo. They seem pretty upset haha. It's pretty good though. I can't find any info on Legend of the Overfiend, but they mix emo with some black metal, almost similar to Tears of Avarel (I keep forgetting to post them). It's pretty interesting.

The Ladderback/Marion 1999

I talked about this in my Marion post, but the Ladderback are pretty solid here. Less angsty than their earlier split. Marion definitely wins this one though.

The Ladderback/Five Kinds Square 2002

I'm kind of mixed on The Ladderback here. It's a little different. The vocalist almost sounds like the vocalist of Seeing Means More here. Overall it's not bad. Five Kind of Square are a pretty obscure Japanese band. To be honest I'm not that big of a fan of a lot of Japanese emo, but they are alright. A little generic though. I did find this really cool blog on Japanese emo + zines here though.

That's about it. Checkout their bandcamp for the full lengths.

Fuck the Tundra

Another late 00's Edmonton Alberta hardcore band. This one is actually quite unique in terms of sound. Math based instrumentals with melodic parts all with really weird shrieked vocals on top. I think it all comes together quite well. I think there's definitely some Three One G influence as well. Apparently a member in this band went on to form Purity Ring which is pretty random. I'm not sure if there's any more releases than this, but definitely check this out.

Grin Diesel

Red Hot Daggers

"A more accurate name has rarely been coined for a band – their edges would be dangerously filthy and serrated were it not for the fact that they have been plunged into the fire. A molten concoction of dance music, noise rock, and post-hardcore sensibilities, Red Hot Daggers is the sonic equivalent of a stylish seizure, all conniptive bursts, sulfurous screams, and joyfully vitriolic spasms." – push pins (October 14, 2006)
"Red Hot Daggers were like City of Caterpillar fighting Red Light Sting in a pit of Broken Glass. It was awesome."

From Edmonton, Alberta, and active late 2000's. They seemed to belong to a really good era of Alberta hardcore along with bands like Gift Eaters, and Fuck the Tundra. I think the description of them sounding like City of Caterpillar mixed with Red Light Sting is kind of apt, there's definitely a distinct Canadian post hardcore sound to them, mixed with more traditional emo. Pretty good. Check it out.

Red Hot Daggers

Delaware Hardcore Compilations

Someone sent this to me while I was on vacation and I had a good chance to listen to it. Really obscure bands that I've never heard of nor can I find much information on. Seems to be a really good capture of a lost scene active in Delaware in the late 90's/early 00's. I believe the person who sent me this was personally connected to these compilations so hopefully I can get some more info at some point. I might make extra posts for individual bands depending on what I can dig up.

Anyway, the two real stand out bands on these compilations are Caligula and Nineveh. Both have enough songs to form a small album between both compilations. Caligula fit right in with the late 90's "screamo" scene, with an interesting dual vocal approach. Definitely quite good, I believe Caligula II is just referring to their second demo which is more instrumental based. Nineveh are very similar with some almost Hassan I Sabbah sounding stuff. There is some more emo/screamo stuff (Rx139, Bessemer Process, etc), the rest is other genres of hardcore. 100% check this out, it's a little rough at times, but super cool.

Delaware Hardcore
Cassette Sampler
Various Artists
Bands: Caligula (USA), Time For Noisy V, Adam Sadler, Nineveh
Prescription 139, Caligula II, My Version of It, Pyramids of North Dakota
The Basin Road Betties, Year of the Comet, The Harvey Oswalds
A collection of Hardcore and punk bands from Northern Delaware
Some home demos, live recordings and unreleased tracks
Sold at shows.
1. Jefferson Farms / Caligula (USA)
2. Secret War / Caligula II
3. Pathfinder / Caligula II
4. Kouyunjik (Kuyuncuk) / Nineveh
5. Usurper C_1995 O1 / Nineveh
6. Untitled Acoustic Demo / Nineveh
7. Doors Unlimited (cover) / Time For Noisy V
8. B is for Bear Penis / Adam Sadler
9. How To Apply The Crossface Chicken Wing / Adam Sadler
10. Superman Shit From Texas / Pyramids of North Dakota
11. Eleven Eleven / Year of the Comet
12. Betsy Ross Was a Slut / The Harvey Oswalds
13. Salinger / The Basin Road Betties
14. Why Do I Come Here? / Caligula (USA)
15. Co-Dependent / Caligula (USA)
16. Like A Flash of Lightning / Caligula (USA)
MVOE Sampler (2002)
CD-R Zine Giveaway
MVOEntertainment Group
Bands: Caligula (USA), Time For Noisy V, Adam Sadler, Nineveh
Prescription 139, Caligula II, My Version of It, Doctor Goose
Bessemer Process and Nunc Dimittis
A collection of Hardcore and punk bands from Northern Delaware
Some home demos, live recordings and unreleased tracks
Given away with the "My Version of It" Zine.
Most of these songs were from the late 90s, the zine was focusing on Northern Delaware Bands of the last 5 years.
It was a follow up to the 1997 10x Records "Delaware Hardcore" Compilation
1. Die Fucker / Caligula USA
2. Goldfinger (Cover) / Time For Noisy V
3. He Was The King /  Adam Sadler
4. I Won't Follow / Caligula USA
5. Just a Boat Ride To India / Nineveh
6. The Lebanon 73 / Nineveh
7. Lesson #09 (Cover) / Time For Noisy V
8. Love Song #5 / Prescription 139
9. Motown Philly (Cover) / My Version of It
10. Prophet Jonah / Nineveh
11. Sakura / Doctor Goose
12. Sese Seko / Caligula II
13. Swanwyck / Caligula USA
14. Unplug Deep Blue / Caligula II
15. We Always Made Sure / Adam Sadler
16. What's Mine? (Live) / Bessemer Process
17. Why God Made Drugs / Nunc Dimittis
Some extras:
Nineveh Demo
Caligula Demo
Caligula II Demo
Prescription 139/Rx139 Demo

Thanks Jared!