Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Long lost band from Sweden, active late 90's. I don't typically post non North American bands, but this was too good to pass up. I've been looking for stuff by this band long before I had this blog. Just recently their demo showed up on soulseek, which renewed my search and after a discogs purchase their other release is here with me all the way from Germany. (My community mailbox was broken into like a day before this arrived, so thank fuck it made it here).

It seems this band was involved with the hxcore scene, and it shows on their sound. Definitely still pretty emo though, especially on the demo. I don't have too much else on this band, both albums here have some pics and words to read through. I hope you download and enjoy. The demo is a tad bit better with the female vocals and violins, but it's all pretty good.

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Split with Now or Never (with Now or Never songs)

Upon the Wings Compilation (this just has a song off the demo, but I'm including it because it has like a billion bands on it that I've never heard of)

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