Sunday, September 4, 2022

Best Friends

Best Friends was a screamo band from the North Shore area of Massachusetts (2007-2008) that released one EP on compact disc in 2008, which was rereleased on very limited run vinyl in 2022. In 2008 the band consisted of Jon Pellegrini and Nick Dart on guitars, Bill Jackson and Colin Roy on vocals, Alec Roy on bass, and Joe Legere on drums. The group began when high school musicians Jon, Nick, Alec, and Joe joined up with vocalists Bill and Colin, who were already members of established local metal acts What Once Was and Prior To Burial, respectively. The band's sound is rooted in 90-2000's screamo and post-hardcore, combining short, fasts bursts of energy with more melodic, restrained portions and eschewing the stereotypical hardcore sound of the time. Soon after recording and distributing the EP in spring 2008, Pellegrini abruptly left the group for personal reasons which ultimately led to their breakup. Members would later move on to other music projects in various capacities; Nick and Alec formed Killing Endless Time, Nick and Joe formed Talk To Me and played in the band UJB, Colin joined the band Zeel. Bill would be the most prolific of them all, performing guitar, bass, or vocals in various bands Ape Up!, Dry Heave, Psychic Weight, and Shroud. Bandmates mostly keep in touch and still occasionally collaborate on music as of 2022.


Best Friends – 2008 EP


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